If you handed someone a business card with only your email address and nothing else,
what would it say about you? What information could that potential client get from you?

Lets look at an example.

Now lets analyze this. This person’s name most likely is Jane Smith and it looks like she works for or is part of ccp421.info.

What is this ccp421.info? Lets put it in a web browser and find out.

After you plug in ccp421.info and click search, you find that this is a company specializing in Information Technology (IT) and services the Lower Rio Grande Valley, which is located in the southern most part of the state of Texas.

Most people know this but if you did not, then we hope you found this educational.
So again, what does your email say about you and your organization?

Your email address is advertisement.

Guess what? This is free advertisement for XYZ Company.

Ever wonder why so many companies have FREE email addresses? Because it is free advertisement for them. YOU are their free advertisement every time you give out THEIR email address. Why did you choose your current, free email address? Most likely because someone you knew had an XYZ email address. And you said, “Lets try that!”

What does this have to do with web design? Everything!
A professional website is where your story begins and where your potential customers make their decision to do business with you or not. Where does it start? With your professional email address.

Give it a try. Get a post-it and write your current email address on it. Walk up to a stranger, give it to them, and walk away. How confident are you that they will know who you are and what you do? If you are extremely confident, then pat yourself on the back. Great job!

IF however you are not confident about your email address, then feel free to look at some of our customer websites and other services that we may help you with. If you have any questions please contact us today!

Have a great day!