Wireless Networking
Custom Computing Products helps customers share internet access through a single wireless router. Wireless networks provides mobile users with laptops and handheld devices convenient access from any point within range of the router. This saves customers the trouble of running cables throughout their home or office. Computers on a wireless network can share printers, files and other user applications connected anywhere in the home or office.

Network Monitoring and Management
Custom Computing Products will remotely monitor your network and servers to identify and resolve minor issues before they cause disruption. Proactive monitoring is critical to the performance and reliability to any computer network.

Network Security
Network security should be your main priority, no matter how large or small your network is. All networks are vulnerable to hackers and malicious programs. Custom Computing Products can review your network and determine which products work with your network and computer processes. We are experienced in security issues and solutions, as well as setting up multiple levels of security. We will insure that your software is fully updated with the latest security patches, install or test your firewall, and look for possible areas of backdoor access.

Shared Internet Office Solutions
Let Custom Computing Products jump start your business network by connecting local wired and wireless PC’s and remote or traveling users to your office network with secure access.

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