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Brownsville Condo PBX Upgrade

Condos In Brownsville needed a new phone system, Grandstream to the rescue. This is a hybrid install, allowing the customer to still use their legacy analog phones with new VoIP technology. Call us today for a free businesses evaluation for your technology needs at 956-502-0227.



Church Wi-Fi Upgrade

Installed and upgrade a local church wifi, from a home based routers. This new solution provides them with the ability to centrally manage there access points from a web console. There is also a 5.8 ghz back link going from office to hall. And Office to school rooms. This allows the network to be extended to those location, to take advantage of using VoIP in those location for extend office communication.


Church Router Installation

Local Church needed a new router and a switch, Mikrotik comes to the rescue.
With a 24 port router/switch combination, this set up as a router can route up to 244.1 Mbps with 512 byte packets of traffic. And as a switch it can switch up to 50,000 Mbps switch traffic. Over kill maybe, but for the price a nice future proof set up.

Two Offices One Router

A local business had a security issue. There were two different businesses sharing one internet connection.  The main issue was, there was only one network for both companies, which would allow all users, including walk in guest(WiFi), to view all computers and files for both business.

The solution provided by Custom Computing Products was to install a business grade router. The router we chose was the Mikrotik Router Board CRS125-24G-1S-2HnD-IN.

This router is a combination router with a 24 port switch and is wireless.

We programmed the router with four different networks. They are as follow: business one network, separate guest network, business two office network, plus a second guest network for business two office.

With the changes that were implemented, all networks are now secure and fire walled from the internet and each other. The business networks are now safely separated and they can rest assure that all devices on their network are protected.

Call Us today for your free business evaluation.

Old Router

Old Router

New Router Installed

New Router Installed

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