Some people dream of a high tech home that is perfectly catered to them in every way, and finally that is becoming a possibility. There is a danger to this dream however, as smart homes are not always as benevolent as you would hope. All of those digital appliances that are hooked up to the internet have the capability to collect very personal data concerning your daily habits, and your ISP has the right to sell whatever data it slurps up from those devices. Everyone has pretty much accepted things like browsing history and other records from personal computers and phones are often sold to third parties, but smart homes are even more invasive. If you have a security camera installed in your home, videos are fair game for sharing with third parties. Some smart TVs are equipped with a microphone that’s always on, meaning it has the potential to record random conversations that happen even when you’re not watching television. It’s invasive enough to think random advertisers are peaking into your personal life to such a degree. However, it’s even scarier to wonder what happens if parts of a smart home are hacked. In the wrong hands, someone could figure out when you’re not home, listen in on private conversations, or even catch you naked on your security camera.

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