Custom Computing Products

Home Rates

$45 In-Home Basic Service
Includes diagnosis, and or virus malware scan, and system optimization

$25 Wireless System Set Up
Set up of wireless internet, password protect, and select best channel for your wireless. (Does not include parts.)

$45 Telephone Diagnosis
Troubleshoot your phone lines to see where your problem lies.
(Does not include parts, if needed)

$45 Cable/TV Diagnosis and Telephone
Troubleshoot your CATV lines to see where your problem lies.
(Does not include parts, if needed.)

$10 Basic Computer Diagnosis
Basic troubleshoot of your computer to see what the problem is.

$65 Computer Reformat
This will reset your computer to the way you got it the first day.

$75 Digital File Recovery
Will try to recover files that have been lost or deleted by accident.

$15 Windows Password Removal
Will remove passwords on any Windows Computer

$35 Data Transfer
Will transfer data from your old computer to your new one.

$75 Advance Computer Service
This includes computer basic service, wireless setup and physical system cleaning.


Brownsville Travel Fee: $5.00

Travel Fee outside of Brownsville, Texas USA:
57.5 Cents a mile to client location.

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