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Illegal prime numbers EXIST

Illegal prime numbers exist. An illegal prime is a prime number that represents information which is forbidden to possess or distribute. For example, when interpreted in a particular way, a certain prime describes a computer program that bypasses the digital rights management scheme used on DVDs

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The Marketing Web Pages for Space Jam and You’ve Got Mail are also still up at their Original URLs

The 1996 Michael Jordan/Bugs Bunny vehicle Space Jam and 1998’s You’ve Got Mail were released at the dawn of the Internet marketing age, and so it’s great for future historians that both websites are still available and more or less unchanged. Both sites are marked with the aesthetics of the age – -Space Jam more garish and You’ve Got Mail more understated, in keeping with their tones and intended audience — and they provide valuable insight into how people who were just starting to figure out this whole “Internet” thing approached it. Not quite as historically significant as that first web page, but still important.

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The First-Ever Web Page is still Up at its Original URL

On August 6, 1991, Tim Berners-Lee posted in the Usenet group alt.hypertext about a project he was working on called the World Wide Web — or, as he still referred to it, “W3,” a shorthand that surprisingly never caught on. The first webpage is still there at its original address on the CERN high-energy physics lab’s site, substantially unchaged — no background, no graphics, just plain text and some links to other information about the nascent Web.

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